Chalkboard Painted Mason Jars

Gold Peak Tea tastes best in these easy, DIY chalk paint mason jars. Personalize your tea with these drink tags at your next party!

At parties, people often misplace their drink glasses. Who hasn't been witness to that awkward moment where a perosn grabs the wrong drink? Now you can easily do away with those moments using this cute and functional DIY project.



-Paint Brush

-Chalkboard Paint

-Mason Jars





1. Wash mason jars and let air dry.

2. Tape off a design and paint a label using chalkboard paint.

3. Let paint dry

4. Apply a second coat.

5. Let dry overnight. 

6. Use chalk to write on label

Tip: Tighten up the edges using an ear swab and nail polish remover.


*Please note: these glasses will be handwash only.